Amandine Mangenot

Amandine MANGENOT, born July 16, 1975 in Nancy, Art Workshop of FRANCE, is interior designer on steel and aluminum.
All his pieces are unique creations, they are made to measure and in an atmosphere decorative that matches the customer's environment.
They play with compositions from cold, strong and solid materials like metal with balances and motives in contrast that express more fragility, very often represented by imperfect contours and hues that approach the idea of decomposition.
They represent strength and fragility, lasting and ephemeral. Conversely some of his creations evoke the strongly anchored object and impose a distrust.His achievements are also imprints of an artistic approach (the metallurgical past of his region).
Her creations, she thinks, designs and creates them in her studio.
She works on furniture upholstery, walls, bar, creations of extra furniture, various scultures ..
Amandine develops unique collaborations with its professionals, L2 AGENCEMENT in Delme for all creations of furniture for which the forms of the design has no limits.Elle intervenes through their realizations on the covering of frontage of door, credence of kitchen, bottom of niche, inlay on table top ...
By partnering with VERRISSIMA, Amandine Mangenot now expresses herself through glass.
In her collection created in exclusivity, she seeks a precise step so that each door of entry has an atmosphere and releases a volumetry.
The combination of glass, digital printing and metal will give each door a powerful, sublime and unique character.
Amandine also develops at VERRISSIMA a collection for kitchen credence, interior door, shower walls etc ...
A collection of stainless steel pieces hand-engraved by Amandine Mangenot will be able to decorate both its original works or existing Protect Satin panels, transforming your door into a unique and artistic element such as a jewel with its work of light on the material .
She devotes herself to being able to create customized unique sets to personalize the universe of their customers.
Amandine is also developing in her partner BLUE HABITAT the interior decorations of their upmarket residences, wall decor, scultures, unique works ...
Amandine has no creative limit, her vision is part of her unique work and

The professionalism of Amandine Mangenot in the interior design is reflected in a precise approach so that each realization is the subject of an atmosphere, a volumetry.
Meticulous, she selects with great rigor the different trades with which on some projects


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